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Scholarship 2017-2018



If you are interested in applying for a Parkview Baptist Church Scholarship for the academic year 2017 - 2018, you need to get the following information turned in to the church or emailed to no later than Wednesday, August 16, 2017.


Applicants are asked to submit a typed request no longer than one page stating your request to the Scholarship Sub-committee of the Finance Committee.  Please make sure you include on the request your name, address where you receive mail, cell phone number, email address, college/university attending and a brief statement as to why you are applying, accomplishments and goals.  The request must be accompanied with a copy of your last grades report, which will include your previous grading period grades, GPA for previous grading period, accumulative GPA, and number of hours completed during the last grading period.    


Requirements to be eligible for a Parkview Baptist Church Scholarship.  

1. Membership Requirements...You must be an active member of Parkview Baptist Church and/or active member of Sunday School at Parkview Baptist Church in Alexandria, Louisiana.  Recipients are expected to attend Parkview whenever they are in the area on Sundays and for special events.    


2. Grade Requirements...You must maintain both an overall GPA of 2.5 or better and a previous semester/quarter GPA of 2.5 or better to be eligible to receive a scholarship the following semester/quarter.  I.e. the event your GPA falls below the 2.5 level you will not receive a scholarship the following semester.  Once your GPA is brought back up to the 2.5 level or higher then you will be eligible to apply again.  


3. Student Status Requirements...You must hold and maintain a Full-time Student status as defined by the college/university attended to be eligible to receive a scholarship the following semester/quarter.  


Other things to know or do...  


Student Responsibilities...If granted a scholarship by Parkview Baptist Church, it is the responsibility of the student receiving the scholarship to turn in the required information prior to the beginning of each semester/quarter in order to receive the next installment of the scholarship.  


A high school transcript or last report card is needed if you have not begun college.  


Limits...we will only give scholarships for a maximum of 8 semesters or 12 quarters (4 years) and scholarships are available only toward an undergraduate program.  


We are excited that you are on a path to further your education and are working on being all that God wants you to be.  Our prayers are with you as you seek to further your education.  We look forward to receiving your scholarship application.  


May God bless you this academic year.


The Scholarship Sub-Committee of the Finance Committee  




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